Laugh A Little


You walk upon a mystery;

something that is quite sinister.

You find it’s buried in History,

and very hard to decipher.

So your hard journey begins with a bang,

and your off to a rushing start.

As the mermaids sang

a song of bitter tart


You find yourself a drowning

the sea of thick green lies,

and see a light of sounding

that pulses and brightly thrives.

So you recover with a bottle of truth

and find your next big clue.

I’ll see you off,

when you finished

what you start.

What They can only Believe

I’m not the most athletic person;

I’m not the best at chess.

I’m not good at ‘not’ cursing and;

I really could care less.

Most people only see

what they can only believe,

So flaws begin to show

in ultraviolet glow-

ing stars,

and they begin to grow.

And when they explode,

We’ll all be the first to go,

and fall into the dirt

and see ashes that look like snow.

The Humming Bird

The small vibration of sound,

coming from under the feathers

of a quick,

fluttering, humming bird.

Who flies above that tree.

Do you see it?

The sun glistens off of it’s

silver tail,

or was it gold?

I only remember

the hum

of it’s




My best friend,

I know you can’t here me;

but I can never stay silent.

I am always nice,

I always try to make you happy;

but I fail, I hurt you most of the time,

I get close to you,

trying to warm your numb, lonely fingers;

I only burn them, or leave them cold,

because I’m with him,

the guys who isn’t you,

and you feel like you’ll never smile,

never laugh, never have your fingers warm again from being held,

and you run, and try not to look back;

but that’s my challenge;

I will make you smile, laugh,

and hold your hand,

even if you hate me because of it,

I won’t lose you,

I will find a way;

a path;

over this broken bridge.

I will find what I’ve lost

and hold your hand